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Cloud Storage

FOREVER Storage example FOREVER Storage example FOREVER Storage example

Where are your photos, right now?

A few framed on a table, some on a wall, the rest in boxes somewhere in the house or in storage? Hundreds if not thousands on your phone, or in “free” cloud storage? All of the above?

Maybe you have beautiful scrapbooks that you or family members made, and you want to protect or easily share them with others. Maybe you need them to take up less space in your home or your adult children can’t take them to their new homes. Get them digitized and store them virtually where they can be viewed and enjoyed at will.

Why not preserve and store them all in ONE place, dedicated to YOU the customer and YOUR memories, and not another “free” cloud company, where you and your personal info are the real product?

I believe that your memories and your personal data should be just that – PERSONAL AND PRIVATE. I work exclusively with a platform called FOREVER, which I have been affiliated with for over 6 years. Housed on a guaranteed platform, endowed to make sure they are accessible to future generations. Easily shared with those you wish, while protecting your privacy. Read about the FOREVER guarantee here.


Consider what you would do if the unthinkable happened

Your house is on fire or a tornado threatens you – would it mean you lost all your family photos? How about your home movies? Important documents? If your phone is lost, would you lose all your photos? How safe really is that “free” cloud storage you have? What are their commitments to you? Google TOS iCloud TOS

Flood or fire, or hurricanes and tornados, printed photos and documents are at high risk. Take the steps now to secure them in an organized and easily accessible, but still private, platform.

FOREVER Box digital conversion FOREVER Box digital conversion

Digital Conversion and Scanning Services

Do you have old reel-to-reels, VHS or other tapes with cherished family memories sitting somewhere in your closet? You probably have recordings which you've forgotten about - think what joy it would bring to see them again!

State of the art, white-glove processing for all types of photos, scrapbooks, reel to reel and other recording mediums. Once converted, your video memories will be saved directly to your purchased cloud account and can be streamed for all family members to share/view at will. Take a look at the FOREVER BOX CENTER and let us help you choose the right digitization package for your needs.

Complete, permanent, and trusted memory keeping
Example of FOREVER digitization Example of FOREVER digitization

Photo Organization Coaching and Services

Feel overwhelmed by your volume of memories? Wish you could find the photo you're looking for at the click of a button? Need help getting started or someone to just do it for you? Or give you a big head start? I offer that too (hourly or project-based rates apply). Schedule a free consultation in person or on Zoom.

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FOREVER Scrapbook design and creation FOREVER Scrapbook design and creation

Scrapbook Design and Printing

Want beautifully designed scrapbooks or commemorative albums for special events? Think you don't have time? Let us show you how our quick and easy platforms make it a cinch to create something beautiful and lasting in an hour! Photo gifts, canvases and other items available too. Or Let us design a beautiful book for you (hourly or project-based rates apply).

FOREVER Family Research FOREVER Family Research FOREVER Family Research

Personal Historian Services

Think what it would be like to know what your great-grandmother's daily life was like. In her own words. All of us have unique experiences and perspectives. Think how much life has changed just in the past 25 years. Our memories from our particular past have value and meaning for current and future generations.

Let us provide you with a guide for recording and preserving your unique and beautiful life history, and those of your family members; we work with you to get it down in written and visual formats. We are particularly passionate about veterans and the elderly.


FOREVER as a business

Love looking at other people's photos and hearing about the memories behind them? Want to love what you do? Want to help others while building your own business?

You can also have a meaningful career, part-time or full-time, helping others preserve and curate their own personal family archive of photos, documents, videos, and audio. Business coaching provided - contact us today to learn more.